Anshik Manglik Marriage

If manglik person marriage manglik person then it will automatically get cancelled.

First of all in my opinion there is no anshik manglik marriage dosha either it is there or it is not there. As per vedic astrology there is manglik Marriage dosha if mars is present in 1,4,7,8,12 houses and south indian astrologers consider 2nd house also then a person is mangliks.

Anshik Manglik Dosh: It will cancel after 28 years of age for both boys and girls. But it is to note that there are a alot other manglik dosha cancellations mentioned in Shastra and also there are remedies to reduce the evil effect.

Mangal dosha or Kuja dosha or Chovva dosham
Anshik Mangal dosha or Kuja dosha or Chovva dosham

If a girl or boy is born Manglik, he/she is Manglik forever. It does not get cancelled after a certain age.

But it doesn’t mean the person will necessarily suffer due to it. A lot depends on the partner’s chart too. Following are two of the scenarios where the impact of Anshik Manglik dosha is reduced or nullified.

  • Partner is also Manglik or Anshik Manglik.
  • Mars of the partner is very strong.

Characteristics Of Anshik Mangal Dosh

  1. The planet of mars adversely affects on married life, financial status and mental level.
  2. Girls and Boys, both can be Manglik.
  3. The ones with the Anshik Mangal Dosh has a unstable temper.
  4. It is considered that those who ill-treat their life partners will have this dosha in the next life.
  5. Anshik Manglik Boy or Girl can be compared to energy as that of fire. Thus, this energy should be used in constructive things and right directions.
  6. If a person born on Tuesday who has a Anshik manglik dosha, it’s effects will be nullified.
  7. If two Anshik manglik persons marry each other, the negative effects gets finished.

Effects of Anshik Mangal Dosh and Kuja Dosh

  1. Married couples face unnecessary conflicts.
  2. Anshik Mangal Dosh effected people generally have enemies.
  3. Anshik Mangal Dosh leads to severe disharmony in family.
  4. Anshik Manglik individuals face a lot of problems in modifying and rectifying with their partners.
  5. Arguments sometimes lead to violence and physical assault.
  6. Anshik Manglik Marriage face obstacles due to family and profession.
  7. Manglik person is dissatisfied with his job or profession.
  8. Anshik Manglik person dominates family members which lead to arguments.
  9. Manglik person face financial problems and mental illness.
  10. Anshik Manglik person is not able to hold his paternal property.
  11. Manglik person may face eye disease and restlessness.
  12. Anshik Manglik person suffer from low confidence and lack of self-esteem.

Remedies/Upay of Mangal Dosh

  1. Anshik Manglik Kumbh Vivah
  2. Marriage between two mangliks
  3. Fasting
  4. Reciting Mantras
  5. Offerings and contributions
  6. Wearing gemstones.
  7. Marriage after the age of 28.
  8. By visiting the Navagraha and Hanuman temples
  9. Analyze your horoscope thoroughly.

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